Our Founding Vision


Southern California has long been known for its exceptional weather and natural resources, making it one of the most desirable places in the world to live. Mountains, trees, endless skies, moderate temperatures, and stunning landscapes that stretch from the desert to the ocean and beyond.

But in Southern California there’s also a special sense of how you “feel” living here and over 50 years ago, four families envisioned a place where maturing adults could embrace a rich sense of open space, a spirit of living, and the simple, beauty of each new day. Choosing 150 acres of pristine land in the San Jacinto Valley, tucked away from the daily push of Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, they began developing a place for a new kind of community where retiring people could live. Really live.

Aging folks are often not so gently encouraged into smaller confined rooms and residences because they’re “safer and easier” for family members. Our founding families wanted something different.

In 1971, The Lakes at Hemet West opened its gates and invited people to live every day better than they had ever lived before. To be active, rise early and join a group of friends for a spirited game of golf on a private course that wanders its way through lakes, mountains and lush natural surroundings. To take an afternoon lakeside walk or curl up with a good book in our Clubhouse. At the end of the day, perhaps a dinner and conversation with friends under an endless sky full of stars.

At The Lakes at Hemet West we’re about living and being so in touch with nature that it becomes part of your renewal each morning and the quiet peace you embrace at night. We offer the opportunity for good friends and a genuine sense of community. And finally The Lakes at Hemet West is about a freedom in your life to become a little more of that person you’ve been inside all along.

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